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We bought boysenberry, raspberry and blueberry bushes. Not knowing any better, we planted them all together only to learn that they all required different planting methods. While we failed on our first gardening attempt, the important thing is we started. Having been that sports family with four kids in competitive sports, constantly on the go, not paying attention to our diet, we knew we needed to make a change. Our eyes were opened to what the American diet was doing to our family. 

We left our suburban tract home in 2014 and moved onto an acre “homestead” in Olivenhain, California. Since moving we have: raised backyard chickens, installed vegetable gardens, planted berry bushes and vines as well as fruit and nut trees. We have also planted tons of flowers and native plants to bring in the pollinators, and have started our first beehive! This provides not only for our family, but also opens the door to share with others, letting them experience firsthand the difference in fresh, locally grown organic food. 

During this time, we have immersed ourselves in gardening and farming education programs. We have visited farms throughout California and Oregon talking to farmers, learning ideas that have worked or haven’t worked for them as we continue to find our niche in the world of hobby farms.