We are the Viles, the heart and soul of Sand & Straw Community Farm. We came up with the name Sand n’ Straw Community Farm as we wanted to keep our beach roots while venturing out into country life.

When we first decided to start a garden, we bought boysenberry, raspberry and blueberry plants. Not knowing any better, we put them together only to learn that they required different planting methods. While we failed on our first gardening attempt, the important thing is we started. Rich’s brother was subsequently diagnosed with Stage IV stomach cancer.  We watched helplessly as he suffered radically sparking a desire to research our diet.  We had been that competitive sports family, eating out far too much constantly on the go, not paying much attention to our diet or what it was doing to our family. 

A change had to be made. Rich left his employment to attend farm school and we both enrolled in permaculture design courses. Our house became our gardening training ground. During this time, we visited farms throughout California and Oregon talking to farmers, learning ideas that worked or didn’t work as we continued to look for our niche in the world of hobby farms.

In 2018, we purchased a 6-acre farm in Vista, California where we are taking Sand n Straw Community Farm to the next level. Using regenerative agriculture practices, we are creating a sustainable farm that will provide for our family and open the door to our community, letting us share fresh, local organically grown food with others.

We hope to see you on the farm!